Mason’s fighting spirit is lesson to Type 1 diabetes sufferers

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As today is World Diabetes Day, we would like to share the inspirational story of one of our Junior Instructors.

Nine-year-old Mason Stanley is adamant his Type 1 diabetes will not get in the way of his sporting goals.

After dedicating four years to Thai Boxing – or Muay Thai – Mason this year achieved the highest goal of a ‘red armband’.

It means he is now a Junior Instructor in the martial art and can help Sai teach other young students at Studio 2000.

The route to red was not easy as Mason, from Mickleover, has to wear a pump on his thigh to administer insulin on a daily basis. He has to input the amount of carbohydrates he eats into the pump and this calculates the amount of insulin required.

His Type 1 diabetes means his pancreas does not produce any insulin which is needed to help turn glucose into energy for the body. He therefore has to carefully monitor his insulin, food intake and exertion during exercise to make sure he doesn’t become hypoglycaemic.

Mason has been interested in martial arts ever since his older brother, Tyres, starting training under Sai and he did not want his condition to stop him taking part too.

“Muay Thai is fun, challenging and helps me focus,” he said.

Mason trained hard, entering junior competitions and working his way up through the grading system to achieve Junior instructor level.

Sai said Mason set a fantastic example to other students, both juniors and adults.

“Dedication and resilience are important parts of success in all areas of life but particularly in sport and martial arts,” he said. “Mason has shown both qualities in abundance and I’m proud he has earned his red armband.”

Mason’s mum, Lisa, said his success at Studio 2000 has boosted his confidence even further.

“Since joining Studio 2000, Mason is a lot more confident, especially in talking to others and his confidence has improved when trying to explain himself. Helping Sai with teaching has helped considerably.”

Studio 2000 trains children from six years upwards and prides itself on helping youngsters gain self esteem, particularly those who have suffered or are suffering from bullying. If you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sai via the contact tab.

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