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At Studio 2000, training will be a challenge but never a chore.

Keeping that promise to yourself to lose weight and get fit can be tough. There’s nothing more frustrating than throwing money at different fads and fitness centres only to find you’re struggling to stick to your plan. That’s why at Studio 2000 we make getting into shape fun. Through our authentic Muay Thai training plan, you’ll reach unimaginable fitness levels, hit your goals and develop sky-high confidence, all while meeting friends, family and learning an exciting new skill.

“When I first started training at Studio 2000 my only goals were to get fit and to grow my confidence. What I eventually achieved surpassed all my expectations, achieving levels of fitness I never thought possible, feeling more confident than I’d ever felt in my life and then putting myself through the ultimate test and fighting competitively.

But Studio 2000 provides so much more than that. Studio 2000 provides life balance, a sense of well-being, motivation, inspiration, and discipline. It’s fun, sociable, and Studio 2000 becomes a family, providing encouragement and a feeling of belonging. Studio 2000 is versatile and caters for whatever your individual goals are and allows you to reach whatever levels you feel are right for you. Whether you’re just looking to stay fit and improve your body through bag work and core exercise, or to master the intricate techniques of Muay Thai, or whether you’re looking to push yourself to the limit and become a fighter, Studio 2000 will encourage and support you towards all your goals in a positive, warm, and welcoming environment. Trust me, if you can think it, you can dream it, and if you can dream it, you can achieve it.” More testimonials?

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