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Let Studio 2000 become your home from home.

Working out can be a lonely hobby – one where you see the same faces day after day but never truly get tp know anyone. That makes it harder to motivate yourself. Well, at Studio 2000 we want to see you! We have a unique happy, family-oriented atmosphere where you can be yourself. No matter how stressed out or unmotivated you feel, you’ll want to get to your Studio 2000 family for your injection of relaxation through exercise.

“What a difference five months makes! I was advised to take a break from Muay Thai in January 2012 due to being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of arthritis. Throughout that year I gradually piled on the pounds, reaching an all-time high of 92kgs. This not only affected me psychologically but also physically and I entered a vicious cycle. In January 2013, I got back in touch with Sai Varley and he got me thinking in a more positive light and gave me something to aim for – a title fight in May 2013, something I’d always dreamed of but thought the opportunity had slipped through my fingers.

I went back to Studio 2000 and within days the weight started to drop off and my back and hips were loosening. With Sai’s encouragement and constant support from my fiancée, who I met through the gym, the weight continued to drop and I was becoming mentally and physically stronger. In May 2013 I was 70kgs and in peak condition for my title fight. Without Sai Varley and Studio 2000 I wouldn’t be the fighter I am today. He has not only seen my potential but also helped and supported me to reach it even when I couldn’t see the light. I couldn’t recommend Studio 2000 and Sai Varley enough. You will never find another club or individual like it.” More testimonials?

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