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Achieve Your Targets

We all have different goals – making more friends, gaining confidence, becoming healthier among many others. Finding a hobby which individually addresses every one may seem impossible. But at Studio 2000, that’s exactly what we deliver. Our specific, goals-oriented training programme means you can achieve your personal targets. We provide a one-to-one session with founder Sai Varley for you to share your ambitions. What’s more, we’re so confident we can help you meet them, we offer your first month’s training absolutely free.

“I started training at studio 2000 in March 2010 and it was the best decision I made, not only for my health but my mind too. In March 2010, I weighed 17stone 3lbs and struggled even going up the stairs. I realised something had to change. With my confidence at an all-time low and my weight at an all-time high a work colleague suggested Muay Thai. Having been a lifelong fan of martial arts I decided to give it a go.

The hardest thing to do was step through the front door but I’m glad I did because everything after that, although hard, has been very rewarding. I have lost weight and made new friends and I have renewed confidence (which I severely lacked when I was bigger). My weight has dropped to under 11 stone and is still falling!” More testimonials?

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