Is Muay Thai good exercise for losing weight?

It’s one of the best! You’ll burn between 720 and 1000 calories doing an hour of Muay Thai compared to 500 to 660 calories for jogging. And it’s more fun!


I feel unfit, will classes be too tough for me to keep up?

Everybody starts somewhere and often that’s from a very low fitness and confidence level. We specialise in building people up from whatever their base fitness level is to one they never dreamed possible. We manage your programme individually with different ability classes designed to help you progress. Nothing in class is compulsory and we cater for disabilities.


I’m already fit, will I find the classes too easy?

Our fighters are known on the UK circuit as being some of the fittest around. If you want to be pushed to your limits, we provide the training to stretch you like never before so you can achieve your potential. Did I hear you say you want more?!


Won’t I feel nervous about walking into the gym?

Everyone feels nervous about entering a new gym, especially a martial arts one. But here at Studio 2000 we’re a big family. We’re down-to-earth, friendly, trustworthy and relaxed. You’ll be made to feel welcome the moment you call and when you walk in you’ll feel at home.


Will there be lots of people staring?

You don’t have to worry about people watching you – they’ll be too busy concentrating on their own technique. Our instructors will help you to improve but no one will be staring or judging. Plus, after a month’s training, your confidence will be so high you won’t be worried!


Isn’t it just people trying to hit each other?

No. Muay Thai is different to other styles of combat sports like MMA or boxing. It is martial art steeped in Thai cultural tradition. Thailand is known for its family focus, respect for others and fun and we are a traditional Muay Thai gym run in that mould.


Will I get hurt?

Our classes are led by qualified instructors in a safe, fully insured environment so you don’t sustain injuries.


I’m worried about sparring – will I have to?

Nothing is compulsory. We offer separate sparring sessions for those wanting to test their technique in a controlled environment but no one will be forced to spar.


Aren’t Muay Thai gyms full of macho men with egos?

Not this one! We are a 100% ego free gym. We don’t accept anyone into the family who doesn’t have the right attitude. Our students may look scary but underneath they’re always friendly and genuine.


Will I get pressured into fighting?

The only goals we want you to hit are those you’ve set yourself. That’s why we provide a one-to-one session with the gym’s founder where you can share those aims. We will make sure the training we provide helps you achieve those goals and any you may set in the future. If fighting is not among them, that’s fine by us.


Are there “belts” in Muay Thai like in judo to show different abilities?

At Studio 2000 we have a grading syllabus you can participate in which assesses students as they progress. Through successful completion of a grading, you will be awarded the appropriate coloured armband (kruang ruang). These range from white for beginners to red for instructors.


What if I try it and don’t like it?

We are so confident you will love the Studio 2000 family that we offer one month free. So, if after that month you haven’t started achieving your goals, then you’ve lost nothing.


Can women train at Studio 2000?

Of course, we have female students and fighters. Our classes are open to men, women and children. As long as they have the right attitude, everyone is welcome.


Is it all work and no play at Studio 2000?

We work hard AND play hard at Studio 2000. Our social and events calendar is nearly as jam-packed as our training timetable so your fun continues in and out of the gym. We get the right balance!


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