Kirsty Green – Coach

Kirsty’s first taste of martial arts was when she walked through the door of Studio 2000 in 2007, looking simply for “something a bit different to do.” Studio 2000 certainly offered that and Kirsty was quickly hooked. Having never thrown a punch before, she worked her way up through the class structure and the grading syllabus, learning the power and effectiveness of Muay Thai and getting fitter each step of the way.

It was in 2010 that Kirsty first decided to test her skills in the ring. Since then she has fought some of the best in the country at the 50kg weight class, competing in A-class bouts and taking on televised title shots. In 2013, Kirsty took a career break to spend time focusing on Muay Thai, living, training and fighting in Thailand, the birthplace of the art. She has now returned to Studio 2000 to continue developing her Muay Thai skills and pass on her love of the sport to students through coaching.

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