Ross Singyard – Coach

Ross started Martial Arts at a young age, inspired by the many dodgy Martial Arts movies in the 80s and 90s. Having watched a host of JCVD and Jackie Chan movies, he found himself at a local Judo club training and competing at weekends. Ross won many competitions in Judo and gained a solid grounding in fighting, cutting weight and the discipline of Martial Arts.

At university, Ross began looking for a new club and found Ju-Jitsu. He was soon training every day and competing nationally, becoming the U68kg National Champion two years running. Work commitments dragged Ross away from Martial Arts for a few years but in 2006, after looking at a holiday snap and realising how out of shape he had become, he realised work could no longer be an excuse.

He set his mind to trying Muay Thai, an art which had always interested him. He began his Muay Thai training in Northampton but it wasn’t until Ross moved to Derby in 2009 and joined Sai at Studio 2000, that his training took off. He fell in love with Muay Thai, the intensity of the training, the scale of the technical syllabus, the challenges of getting in the ring and the people he met.

Since then he has trained six days a week, worked through his gradings to become a coach, trained full-time in Thailand from 2012-13 and fought in the ring.

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